The conference entitled: City Environment, A Smart Model of Cooperation: University – Local Authorities – Business to be held 20-21 October 2017 in Nowy Sącz, is a response to challenges of 21st century: the need for the sustainable design of cities and residential areas, as well as the necessity of finding innovative solutions together with improving the model of cooperation of the different ‘actors’ responsible for creating the space we inhabit.  The organizers of the conference through their long cooperation have become aware of the significance of these challenges.


Participants of the conference will try to create a model of cooperation between universities, local authorities and local businesses. We hope they will demonstrate fields of interest, motivations, tools and procedures which are capable of driving forward a continuous cooperation.

The future development of cities and the raising of living standards depend on the development of business enterprise, the activities of local authorities and the awareness of their inhabitants. The research and education activities of new university staff should support these fields. In turn from business, local government and citizens we may expect incentives to undertake activities and generate ideas and projects.


Integration of all the stakeholders involved in the creation of the residential environment is crucial, especially as European Union funds  finish and there is the pressure to find other possibilities for developing cities. Integration is necessary to achieve common goals, and architecture, urban planning and space planning are fields where multilateral   groups to a broad discussion about the possibilities, forms and effects of cooperation between University, local authorities and business in order to achieve the sustainable development of the environment of our cities.


We intend the discussion to focus on the following topics:

  • Demonstration of the effects of previous bilateral and trilateral cooperation in solving spatial, social and investments problems
  • Exposing and discussing the organizational, legal and mental barriers that impede cooperation
  • Expressing new needs, possibilities and expectations on the part of University, local authorities and business
  • Attempting to create a new model or models of cooperation serving the fields of spatial, investment and social issues.


Since the Chair of Housing Environment is organizing the conference we expect the mutual development of residential areas to be an important part of the discussion as well as urban planning, architecture and local residential policy.


Grażyna Schneider – Skalska

Prof. D.Sc., Ph.D. Architect, Head of Chair



Krystyna Paprzyca, Ph.D. Architect – Curator

Justyna Kobylarczyk,, Ph.D. Architect Prof. PK– Curator



Ryszard  Nowak

Mayor of Nowy Sącz



Mirosław Trzupek, M.Sc. Architect - Curator






Chairmen of the Scientific Committee:

Grażyna Schneider-Skalska,  Head of the Chair of Housing Environment




Krystyna Paprzyca , Chair of Housing Environment

Justyna Kobylarczyk,  Chair of Housing Environment


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Ryszard Nowak

Mayor of Nowy Sącz




Mirosław Trzupek

UM Nowy Sącz



Krystyna Paprzyca,

Justyna Kobylarczyk


Zbigniew Kęsek

Małgorzata Rekuć



Zbigniew Kęsek  - Chair of Housing Environment

Józef Kantor, Justyna Olesiak, Urszula  Górka - City Hall Nowy Sącz

Paweł Tor, Wojciech Sumlet, Karolina Wieja, Martyna Bednarz

– Chair of Housing Environment,


Piotr Celewicz

Patrycja Haupt


Jarosław Huebner

Elżbieta Kusińska, Piotr Broniewicz , Maria Lubelska

Paprzyca Krystyna –

Paweł Tor (


Małgorzata Rekuć –

Scientific Advisory Board


chairman of the board

Grażyna Schneider-Skalska,  prof. dr hab. inż. arch.

Bać Zbigniew , prof. dr inż. arch.

Bieńkowski Wiesław , prof. dr rektor WSB NLU

Bonenberg Wojciech, prof. dr hab. inż. arch.

Celadyn Wacław , prof. dr hab. inż. arch.

Cygnar Mariusz, dr hab. inż. prof. nadzw., rektor PWSZ

Franta Anna , dr hab. inż. arch. prof. PK

Gaczoł Andrzej , dr hab. inż. arch. prof. PK

Gyurkovich Jacek , prof. dr hab. inż. arch. , Dziekan WA PK

Gyurkovich Mateusz , dr hab. inż. arch.

Gzell Sławomir, prof. dr hab. inż. arch., Przewodniczący KAiU PAN

Jagiełło-Kowalczyk Magdalena, dr hab. inż. arch. prof. PK

Kantarek Anna , dr hab. inż. arch. prof. PK

Kobylarczyk Justyna , dr hab. inż. arch. prof. PK

Kujawski Woytek , arch.  Integrative Solutions Group, Ottawa, Kanada

Niezabitowska Elżbieta, prof. dr hab. inż. arch.

Paprzyca Krystyna , dr hab. inż. arch.

Paszkowski Zbigniew , prof. dr hab. inż. arch.

Przesmycka Elżbieta , prof. dr hab. inż. arch.

Romaniak Krystyna , dr hab. inż. arch. prof. PK

Seruga Wacław , prof. dr hab. inż. arch.

Stachura Ewa , dr hab. inż. arch. prof. Nadzwyczajny, Rektor PWSZ w Raciborzu

Tingting Chen,, Ph.D.

Węcławowicz-Bilska Elżbieta , dr hab.inż.arch.

Węcławowicz-Gyurkovich Ewa ,prof. dr hab. inż. arch.

Zachariasz Agata , dr hab. inż. arch. prof. PK

Złowodzki Maciej , prof. dr hab. inż. arch.

Żychowska Maria Jolanta , prof. dr hab. inż. arch.


Ryszard Nowak Mayor of Nowy Sącz

Chwierut Janusz - Mayor of Auschwitz

Roman Ciepiela - Mayor of Tarnów

Fyda Paul, mayor of Grybów

Golba Jan, PhD, Mayor of the Town and Commune of Muszyna

Gromala Małgorzata, the mayor of Podegrodzie

Janeczek Zbigniew, the Mayor of the Town and Commune of Piwniczna - Zdrój

Sausage Stanisław, dr inż., Commune mayor Nawojowa

Kolanski Stefan - Mayor of the City of Bochnia

Step Piotr, the mayor of Grybów

Lelek Jacek, mayor of Stary Sącz

Rezko Dariusz, PhD, mayor of Krynica - Zdrój

Habitat Kazimierz, Kamionka Wielka Commune mayor

Skiba Jan - Mayor of the Town and Commune of Zwierzyniec

Leskow Leszek, the mayor of Korzenna Commune

Starzec Zbigniew - Starosta Oświęcimski

Żak Tomasz - Mayor of Andrychów

Jawor Bożena, Chairman of the City Council of Nowy Sącz

Jerzy Jerzy, deputy mayor of Nowy Sącz

Koterba Elżbieta, arch. Deputy Mayor of Cracow

Piech Wojciech deputy president of Nowy Sącz

King Witold, conservator of monuments

Kukla Paweł, President of the Sądecka Chamber of Commerce

Kurp Maciej President of the Board of the Towarzystwo Budownictwa Społecznego


Florek Ryszard, president of Fakro

Kordek Leszek, president of Norlys

Mańkowski Krzysztof, President of Thermaleo

Studzinski Jerzy board of directors Dako

Szostkiewicz Małgorzata's board of MMC Brainville

Wiśniowski Andrzej, President of Wiśniowski

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Minister Nauki i Szkolnictwa  Wyższego Jarosław Gowin

Ministerstwo Finansów  Wiceminister Wiesław Janczyk

Wojewoda  Małopolski Piotr Ćwik

Marszałek Województwa Małopolskiego  Jacek Krupa

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 Prorektor PK ds. nauki prof. dr hab. inż. Tadeusz Tatara

Prorektor PK ds. studenckich dr hab. inż. Marek Stanuszek

Prorektor PK ds. ogólnych dr hab. inż. arch. Andrzej Białkiewicz, prof. PK

Prorektor PK ds. kształceni dr hab. inż. Jerzy Zając, prof. PK

Dziekan Wydziału Architektry PK prof. dr hab. inż. arch. Jacek Gyurkovich

Dyrektor Instytutu Projektowania Urbanistycznego WA PK

dr hab. inż. arch.  Magdalena Jagiełło-Kowalczyk, prof. PK

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